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Ocean Kayak Torque Review

If you want hands-off while kayak fishing, then the Ocean Kayak Torque model has what you’re looking for. It is a sit-on-top kayak and has a Maximizer minn kota¬† trolling motor with variable speed control so you can customize it completely. You can even put it in reverse when you find yourself in tight spots that you need to get out of. The drive system is capable of producing 33 pounds of thrust and has a large rudder for control and handling. If on a particular day you would rather paddle instead, then all you have to do is remove the motor and replace it with a skeg plug.

ocean kayak torque pictureThe Torque is very stable, yet can maneuver well being 13 feet long. It has more than enough power to get you around. The motor is perfect for anglers who want to fish at many different spots on a body of water, while getting to them much faster than just simply paddling. The quiet motor and battery just plugs right in the kayak and you are ready to go.

One might think that the battery would get drained after awhile, especially if you have other electronics items with you. However, you would be surprised at just how long the battery holds a charge. One customer noted that he went out on the kayak for almost eight hours. At the start of the day, the battery read 12.5 volts. Eight hours later, it read 11.8 volts. So you can fish all day long and never have to worry about the battery running down to low.

Assembly only takes a few minutes. All that has to be done is to unload the kayak, drop the battery box into the hatch, attach the seat, paddle, and insert the motor once it’s right at the edge of the water.

Being able to stand on a fishing kayak is important for just about every kayak angler. Because the floor of the Ocean Torque Kayak is very flat, you will get very good balance and really reduce the chances of falling out of it. The central hatch is where the battery is to be placed. But on the occasions where you decide to paddle, it can be used as storage space for other items. The seat is extra comfortable and you won’t feel tired after a long day of sitting kayaking.

The cargo room in the back is spacious so you can store some of your equipment and gear. You can place your tackle box, a cooler, and a live well back there on top of the whole where the motor or the skeg plug goes.

The large rudder helps anglers get better control, and allows them to turn the boat all the way around rather easily. Also, it will protect the propeller from being damaged because it will hit the bottom first, so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak

The Ocean Kayak Torque is very stable. Regardless of the conditions, it will stay put in one spot. Even with the motor inserted, it still has good tracking, though it’s better when the skeg plug is in its place. Regardless, the kayak is very easy to move and control.

More than enough space is available on the deck. You can place rod holders on both sides of the console area, in the front of and behind the seat.

Even with the motor and battery inserted, the Ocean Kayak Torque only weighs 90 pounds. When you take the battery and motor out, it’s only about 70 pounds. This is very manageable for two people, but even one person with some strength shouldn’t have too much trouble transporting it.

On of the downfalls is that the turns are very wide when the motor is being used. Also, the buttons that clamp the paddle keeper are not long enough. Having two people makes it a lot easier. Another disadvantage of the torque motorized fishing kayak is that the battery and charger are not included. For a kayak that is priced just under $2,000 you would expect them to be a part of the package.

If you are looking for fishing kayaks that are completely hands off, then this is the best one available. You can go long distances without having to paddle. The Ocean Kayak Torque is perfect for those who are disabled or at an age where paddling is too much to handle for a whole day.