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Inflatable Kayak Fishing Techniques

Most people probably wouldn’t associate inflatable kayaks with fishing, but what they don’t know is that some inflatable kayaks are created for the purpose of fishing. These fishing kayaks are more beneficial in some ways than traditional inflatable kayak fishing techniques picturefishing boats. For instance, they are much easier to transport since they are lightweight, and can be deflated to take up little space. Even if you use a larger fishing boat, you can take an inflatable kayak with you to get access to tighter spots. The following will cover inflatable kayak fishing techniques to help you get the most out of your outdoor experiences.

Before you get started fishing however, it’s important to get the right inflatable kayak. Ideally, you want to purchase one from one of the leading kayak manufacturers. It should be able to perform in tough conditions and have longevity. The material should be of high quality, easy to patch, and be resistant to tears. You don’t want to constantly worry about doing a kayak repair all the time.

Inflatable sport kayaks are excellent for fishing, as they are able to hold a lot of weight to accommodate your equipment and fishing gear, while still being lightweight. They typically are built for two. They also have skegs to making tracking easier in the water, and also providing great stability. Each also has it’s own inflatable kayak setups for fishing as well. Perfect for anglers!

Inflatable Kayak Fishing Techniques

Inflatable kayak fishing can be a lot of fun, even if you are a beginner who has little or no experience. Getting started really just involves getting a kayak and the necessary fishing equipment and supplies.

You can consider buying some additional supplies to help improve your experience. For instance, you can use a leash to further secure the fishing rod to the inflatable boat to avoid losing it in the water. To slow the boat down even more, you can use a drift bag. This will make it easier to stay in one spot longer. If you strictly want to stay put in an area, then consider getting an anchor.

Inflatable kayak fishing techniques are not much different than fishing in a traditional boat. One of the primary benefits of using an inflatable kayak is that they don’t move as fast as hard shell kayaks. This allows for you to fish at a slower pace.

When you find a fishing hole you like, cast out and start retrieving slowly. If you are bass fishing, then be a little more patient to allow the lures to drift or sink. Then, every so often you can move the rod and slowly reel to reduce slack. Use the anchor if you like the spot you are at. Otherwise, use fishing techniques that you would normally use if you were on land.

When you want to move to another area, remove the anchor and start paddling. Getting used to being on an inflatable kayak may take a little time. They sit lower than most other boats, but over time you will get more comfortable.

Inflatable kayak fishing is not overly difficult, and can be a lot of fun in the process. Fish at your pace, and you will have success catching fish.


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