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How Do You Repair An Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are highly dependable and very safe to use. This is supported by the fact that they are utilized by the Military, Coast Guard, and high level rescue agencies from all over the world. However, this doesn’t mean that they are Inflatable Kayak Repair Kit Pictureimmune from leaking. When an inflatable kayak is exposed to high temperatures and excess pressure for a long period of time, then this is when they are most susceptible to needing repair. So how do you repair an inflatable kayak?

All inflatable kayaks come with a repair kit and an owner’s manual. This alone may be enough to repair your kayak in a given situation, so be sure to always have them both with you when kayaking. Move the boat to a dry, clean area away from the sunlight or rain. Find a flat spot, and utilize a piece of wood or an oar so you can do the repair on a hard surface.

If you have a small leak, then the first step is to fully deflate the boat and clean the area of the leak. Once the area is dry, then place a small amount of glue and allow it to sit for about 12 hours or so. If you don’t want to wait that long to kayak again, then wait 30 minutes or so for it to dry. Proceed by inflating the boat only 3/4 where the repair was made. Once you are finished kayaking, then you can permanently repair it.

A patch might be needed if the leak is large enough. Generally, a patch is used when the size of the leak is bigger than a pinhole. Applying a patch will only take a matter of minutes. If however the leak is even too big for a patch, then you will probably have to drop it off at a store that does kayak repair.

When patching, wait at least one hour for it to set in and 12 hours before fully inflating it again. Avoid exposing areas outside of the patch with glue, as doing so will cause the material to darken and look very sloppy over time. If you have trouble finding where the leak is located, then try putting soapy water all over the kayak. The source will be revealed in the spot where you see bubbles.

Properly caring for your inflatable kayak will go along way towards avoiding repairs in the first place. Kayak or canoe repair will only be needed rarely, if at all. Understanding how to do repairs the right way will prepare you these situations. Read the entire owner’s manual so you can be very educated about the specific model you have.

When storing the inflatable kayak, place it in a dry, cool area to prevent mold from forming. Be sure to completely dry it out first by leaving it slightly inflated for a couple days. To prevent damage from UV rays, apply a protectant to the inflatable kayak such as UV Tech Protectant and NRS McNett each time before you go sea kayaking.


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