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Airhead Inflatable Kayak: An Overview

Using an inflatable kayak has a lot of advantages. For one, storing and transporting it is far easier compared to a kayak with a hard-shell exterior. For instance, you could place an Airhead inflatable kayak in your car trunk, suitcase, or airhead inflatable kayak picturein a backpack. This type is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have much space or wants to be able to transport it very easily. An inflatable kayak is also a cost effective purchase as no maintenance or gas is required. In fact, once you get past the initial purchase and acquire all the necessary accessories and gear, you won’t have to worry about spending much money from that point forward.

The benefits of getting an inflatable kayak are numerous, but the question is what brand do you buy from? Many brands produce kayaks, but one of the best is Airhead. Kwik Tek is the manufacturer of Airhead watersports. Inflatable kayaks are just one of many types of products offered by Airhead. Others include wakeboards, towable tubes, tube tow ropes, kneeboards, water skis, and much more. What separates Airhead from others is their emphasis on attention to detail and quality, and this has resulted in satisfied customers everywhere.

The following are the three Airhead inflatable kayak models:

Airhead AHTK1 Deluxe Kayak

This single person kayak has a length of 9’9″, and is built for moderate whitewater environments and lakes. The AHTK1 is compact, lightweight, and comes with inflatable seats and an adjustable backrest for optimal support. With 4 fins on the bottom, this kayak has low drag and great tracking. Inflating and deflating is made easy with three nylon covered Boston valves. The hardware is made of stainless steel so users won’t have to worry about corrosion. For increased longevity, the bottom is reinforced with durable tri-laminate.

Airhead AHTK-2 Travel Kayak

The AHTK-2 Travel Kayak is seated for two and is 12 feet long. Like the AHTK1, this model is very comfortable due to the inflatable seats, neoprene elbow guards, and adjustable backrests. Safety is enhanced with it’s bright orange color so it can be seen from longer distances. With six D-rings and an elastic cord located at the bow of the kayak, users have the ability to store and secure their gear. Like the AHTK1, the A tough 840 denier nylon and coating that protects against water and UV rays have been applied to all three air chambers for maximum protection.

Airhead AHTK-5 Recreational Travel Kayak

The Airhead AHTK-5 Recreational Travel Kayak, as with the other models, is compact, lightweight, portable, and designed for mild whitewater and lakes. It has 2 seats and is a little over 10 feet long. For excellent buoyancy, comfort, and tracking, the AHTK-5 has a tubular I-beam floor. The 2 Boston oversized valves allow for quick and easy inflating and deflating. A threaded drain plug allows users to drain water out of the kayak easily.

Airhead Inflatable Kayak Reviews And Comments

Customers are overall very satisfied with the performance of Airhead inflatable kayaks. The consensus is that they are stable, tough, turn well, and the threaded drain plug really comes in handy. Some of the downsides were than they don’t come with a duffle bag, drying them out is difficult, and the material is not as durable as expected.


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