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The best fishing kayak for you is based on many different factors, some of which include style, fishing location, stability, speed, storage, cost, among others. What matters most will vary from fisherman to fisherman, so first you will best fishing kayak picturehave to decide what your requirements are. For instance, while speed may be a feature valued by one fisherman, another may have no need for it whatsoever. The following will cover the most important questions to ask when buying the best fishing kayak.

Sit On Top Or Sit Inside?

The style most preferred by fisherman is the sit on top kayak, though the sit inside does have its benefits as well. Sit on top kayaks allows you to fish from a variety of positions and provides a lot of storage space for equipment. Also, they are much easier to flip back over and access. They are much more effective when encountering rougher water, as opposed to the sit inside. The downside to this style however is that a lot of water can find it’s way in, making it a wet ride. This can make it uncomfortable or risky if the water is cold. If you prefer to stand, then this style might work best.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of the sit inside kayak is that it will keep you much dryer than the sit on top. This is ideal if you plan on fishing in cold water, or if you just prefer to stay more dry in general. The disadvantages are that you won’t have as much space for equipment and will swamp if it’s flipped over. It’s also more difficult to get in and out of, and isn’t as suited for standing as the sit on top kayak is. If you choose the sit inside model, then look for one that has a large cockpit.


Next, you will have to figure out where you will be fishing most of the time. Will you be in lakes, rivers, ponds, or the ocean? If you are going to be in warm water, then the sit on top kayak is an option for you. If you are going to be in cold water, then you will almost have no choice but to get the sit inside. The key point is to get a kayak that will suit the conditions you will find yourself in most of the time. For instance, if you plan on being in warm water only 10% of the time and cold the other 90%, then focus on the best fishing kayaks for cold water.


The wider the kayak is, the more stability it has. This is becoming less of an issue, as most fishing kayaks for sale are already fairly wide. However, some are still more stable than others. Having a stable platform is important especially if you plan on standing up frequently.


Generally speaking, the longer the kayak is, the faster it will be. If you plan on doing quite a bit of traveling through the water, then speed might be important. If so, look for the kayaks that are 13 feet or more, such as the Ocean Kayak Torque.

So when looking at the top fishing kayaks, keep the above points in mind so you can make the most educated decision possible.

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